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Director Consultant & Ambassador Opportunities

We are seeking Director Consultants and Ambassadors in the Region!


Would You Like....         Do You Have....
  • Increased exposure for your business?
  • Advanced training and self development?
  • Increased potential referrals
    for your business?
  • A desire to help others?
  • A desire to live the Givers Gain philosophy?
  • The Ability to schedule your own time?
  • A desire for continuous learning
    and personal development?


Have you chosen to be on your Leadership Team because you want to remain sharp, connected, and contribute to your Chapter? 

For those of you that want to continue to "step-up your game," and remain active within BNI at a higher level than you are now, and are interested in more referrals, consider joining the BNI North Wales Team.


BNI North Wales is an organization that is on the move.  BNI wants to help entrepreneurs and business leaders everywhere succeed by following BNI’s structured and purpose-driven system.  

Leading leaders isn’t easy, but it could be the most rewarding role you ever take on.  In either of these roles, you’ll have the opportunity to positively impact thousands of BNI Members, and the communities in which they operate their businesses.  

As always, thanks for your passion for BNI and…Onward!  


I am interested! Now What?

About the Chapter Ambassador!


The BNI Ambassador Program is a volunteer position with light responsibilities that assist the Director who oversees a given chapter.

Ambassadors work with 1-3 chapters and offer support and guidance to Leadership Teams and members as needed.

This important role is recommended as the starting point for all potential Directors.

If you have have a positive and supportive attitude, solid presentation skills and live the Givers Gain® philosophy, then please apply today!


About the Chapter Support Director!

The BNI Chapter Support Director Consultant Program is a compensated position. Director's oversee 1-3 chapters in a given area. 

This opportunity is designed to help our members increase their profitability through BNI by expanding their referral network and helping others. 

Directors support and help the chapter(s) they oversee increase membership, retain current members, and train and educate the members to help them get the most out of BNI. 

Ideal candidates are former leadership team members and active/productive members who possess the following attributes; strong leadership and presentation skills; understanding of BNI policies and guidelines, and live the Givers Gain® Philosophy!


Opportunities for BNI have grown exponentially! This is due to the strength of BNI and the success of BNI Members throughout the UK! 

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