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The best way to find out about BNI in North Wales, is to visit a chapter.
Click here to find out more about what to expect. Come and visit and see why BNI is the world's largest business networking and referral organisation.


BNI Works

Last year the members of BNI UK reported income in excess of £521 million in new business!
Globally, the 270,000 members of BNI passed over 12.2 million referrals which resulted in more than $16.7 billion in business.


Givers Gain

Givers Gain is the core principle of BNI and is fundamental to how the membership works. The idea is simple, 'if you help me get business, I will be mindful to help you'.
Click here to watch a brief video about how this core philosophy and membership works.


Welcome to BNI North Wales. I am super excited that you are here and looking to grow both personally and professionally. 

My journey within BNI started just three years ago as a member before investing into the North Wales region as I very quickly realised the benefits that were on offer by being part of a globally connected network. 

My aim is to create a safe and productive working environment for all in North Wales. Working together with local organisations and business growth funding to be able to offer you the best possible opportunites that North Wales has to offer. 

We are always happy to welcome new visitors to see how we could potentially help you. 

  • New connections
  • New suppliers
  • New customers

Why don't you find your local meeting and see who is in the room.

I look forward to meeting you soon. 


Jenny Hardman 

Executive Director North Wales 

Our members are business professionals who help each other grow their businesses through their commitment to our principal core value, Givers Gain®

Each week, in thousands of communities across the globe, members meet with other trusted business leaders to build and nurture lasting relationships and pass qualified business referrals.  Membership in BNI® offers access to business training, peer learning and opportunities to network and do business with hundreds of thousands of BNI® members around the world.

Last year, BNI members in this area generated over £2.8 million worth of business for each other. If you'd like to find out how, then visit a local chapter meeting and see for yourself what it's like. Each chapter has a personality of its own, and finding where you fit best helps you to get connected.

Discover all the reasons to join a BNI Chapter in North Wales.

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